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Get Real is the partner for growth and expansion.

We connect people and organizations with their power by strengthening inner and mutual communication. We guide breakthroughs on both personal as team level.

Sometimes to expand, we first need to break walls. Liz La Force works as a catalyst, breaking walls and bringing you back to your core(values).



Why Get Real?

With Get Real we focus on who you truly are. So you, your team and your organization can go beyond themselves.

What we aim for:

  • Reconnection with unused skills and talents
  • Creating clear communication
  • Focus and goal orientation
  • Teaching how to use intuition for success in business
  • shifts in consciousness
  • Solid base to return


Kim Horsnell

What Liz has done for our (then 6 year-old) son is amazing. We were living in Boston at the time, when our son had a traumatic experience which was causing nightmares. It reached a point where he did not dare to go to sleep anymore.

Marcel Talsma
Catering entrepreneur

I experienced a turbulent period where I closed my businesses, lost my father and broke up my relationship. In December 2016 I decided to go to Ibiza for a month.
I had the wish to reflect and feel, in a quiet space, what was going on.

Caroline van der Hoeven
Category manager AH

What an amazing journey it was, what a heart warming process.

Liz has helped me to find the strength and the light in myself, in order to be able to move forward on a whole new level of happiness and state of being.

Helpful tips, warm words, true findings – they all passed by in the week I spend with Liz.
Having such a caring and beautiful personality around me for a week was not only a true gift;  it was one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself.

As one experience says more than a thousand words, I would recommend everyone open to such an experience to visit Liz!

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